one man. two cars.

zero cash.

Hiatus - June 2022

Geeez, it really has been a long time between drinks, but the good news is the car is holding up pretty well. As I type, we are 5 days into winter and it really *feels* like it with the front of my house getting pelted by rain squalls about every 20 minutes. Before the weather turned I had been driving most weekends and the car was running well... up until two weeks ago. I'd been out for a 180km drive on the Saturday, and on Sunday I cleaned the plugs and just went for a shake-down drive. About 10 minutes from home the misfire was so bad I thought  I'd have to pull over, but I managed to turn around and nurse her home. After 10 minutes of head-scratching, I realised I'd pulled the distributor cap that morning with the intention of checking the points... which never happened. What also never happened was me clipping the cap back on.

That was 2 weeks ago, and I haven't really got her to run properly again since. I am hoping I had a bit of a breakthrough today, but I'll defer that story for another time. For the  time being, here's a few pics from numerous drives over the last year or so. Also, note the new wing. :)

All Japan Day

Garage 29 at Macclesfield

Chilly Middleton May morning