one man. two cars.

zero cash.

Cheap Oxygen sensor

I've been looking for budget 5 wire  O2 sensors, after discovering that my 2-wire was not going to cut it. I think this price will be hard to beat. Wiring below.

02 sensor wiring



Hiatus - June 2022

Geeez, it really has been a long time between drinks, but the good news is the car is holding up pretty well. As I type, we are 5 days into winter and…

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The megasquirt mega saga - Part 1


Megasquirt 3 PCB assembled

When I first purchased my 1971 Datsun 240z, it was very much of its time... that time being 1992, following a restoration by its former owner. Many recent…

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Get the Zed's out - Sunday Feb 9 2020

Sunday morning at the Feathers Hotel,  there came a rumbling.

First just one... then two... then three Datsun 240z's filed into the car park and backed themselves in. By 10am a very…

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They say you should never look back...

Lately I've seen a few retro 240z posts on Facebook, and I reckon half a dozen stories of stalled restoration projects. It made me think back to the state I…

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Printable 3D models for Datsun 240z

I've been finding a few decent 3D printable models of s30 / 240z / 260z / 280z parts recently, so here's where you can download 'em.  The strut cap is…

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Product placement

Dropped by my mate's coffee cart yesterday, and I swear about 10 people stopped and bought coffee. I took payment for drawing this custom in kind, of course. :D

I got…

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Minor case of the bends

I went for a quick spin last weekend to see Santa. He went past very quickly but I hasten to add, speed limits were observed at all times.

Bonus points if…

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You've come a long way, baby

So here I am, finally finding the time to post something a mere three months since the last time.

A lot has happened.

First but not least, I made my deadline for…

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I took this pic today.

There's no doubt I have reached a bit of a milestone in my 240z build, but also, a crossroad.

From a major mechanical perspective, everything that needed…

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Actual progress

After a looong period where my build seemed to be going nowhere, I have inched closer to my October deadline. It's still looking optimistic, but not impossible.

The hold-ups and let-downs…

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